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Our parts resale service

Our parts resale service

The right supplier is one that never fails you at the time of need

From earth moving machines (loaders, dozers, excavators, snowploughs) to to those for grinding down and recycling materials; from special applications for agriculture to crusher linings.

These and many others are the machines that could require one of our replacement parts: we offer speedy service thanks to our flexible production strategy and the broad variety of products available.

Loader bucket teeth and tooth mounts

Teeth tailored to each material

The convenience of tooth mounts welded to the bucket and the ability to change the teeth in a simple, rapid way to suit the material processed. We have a vast range compatible with the models of the leading manufacturers.

We have been dealers for Italy since 1997 on behalf of MTG and combine their quality with our expertise in the sector to offer high-standard, performance-oriented products.

The latest product developed by the company is CoMet, the reversible and long-lasting hammerless system for safe extraction.

The product is available in sizes 5, 8 and 10 for machines up to 90 quintals.

Cutter shrouds in Hardox 450 and 500

Long-life cutters

Downtime during a process when a machine is out of service represents an important cost and parts may need to be replaced without warning, all of which wastes time and energy.

Our solution is to make cutter shrouds in Hardox, allowing the standard measurements to be changed to suit the customers’ requirements without lengthening our lead times.

Use of hard-wearing material for cutter shrouds protects the cutter and makes it longer lasting.

Cutters and cutter shrouds, lip shrouds and wear plates

High-level replacement parts

We manufacture cutters, cutter shrouds, corners, wear plates,

lip shrouds and many other products in HB400/420 hardened steel.

These replacement parts are compatible with those of the leading manufacturers in the Dozer and Loader industry.

Each part can be customized to suit specific functions.

Special articles in Hardox 450 and 500 to your specifications

Parts tailored to your needs

Our flexible production approach has always focused on professionalism and efficiency.

We are able to provide our customers with original solutions featuring highly customized details.

Customers can be sure of our expertise in designing articles in Hardox 450 or 500 tailored to suit applications in industries where hard-wearing material is required for special parts, e.g. recycling, crushing and agriculture.

Double vector and chisel teeth

Do you need replacement teeth for outdated machinery?

We produce a range of one-piece double-vector and chisel teeth in hardened and tempered chromium-manganese steel ranging from 1.3 kg to 20 kg in weight and compatible with all the models produced by the leading manufacturers.

Steel rods, bars and bands

High impact resistance

We supply whole rods and flat bars without holes to be welded in natural hardened and tempered steel. We also manufacture bucket bottom plates and reinforcing strips in Hardox 450 or Hardox 500.

The method we use to machine the material ensures the parts we supply are longer-lasting and more efficient.

These are only some of our products

If you need other parts, we can design them
“tailored” to your requirements.